I don't trust this guy that much. He does a lot of destruction, and then settles down with one of Wendy's Tonto hating aunts. I half suspect he's cooking up something; Tonto

Xigbar, once named Braig before becoming a nobody, was a founding member of Organization 13, the Freeshoter and ranked number 2 in numerical order. He wields space guns. In the past, he was one of the ones who helped to fill Terra's heart with darkness.

In 10 new keys, Aelita confronted him while traversing Sidious's castle. Xigbar revealed that they were being forced to fight them against their will, and only he and Lexeus were able to get some message like that through. In the end he fell to Aelita, who he gave to her a space gun before fading, but in reality he just appeared in Omnination like the ones before him and is now Tonto's neighbour.
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