In Chronolgical order ( Aside for Omnimation as it is deeply linked and X overed for a long time

  1. Thomas, Aelita, Jayfeather, Toph, Melody, Eragon, Sari and Aang tested the heroes of Balance of Power, with Thomas, Aelita, Jayfeather and Melody walking away with wins Kingdom Hearts:Balance of Power
  2. Duela found her way to the world of Yu Gi Oh 5DX season 1, where she dueled and defeated Tyranno Hasselberry
  3. Duela, Shania, Timo and Yuna dueled members of Captain Luffies Generation 5D team, Duela winning the whole thing (In my story)
  4. John, Sally, Tisa, Garrow, Jayfeather, Haku, Miyako, Terra, Kya and Einette traveled into the world of search for the wielders to proctect five of the heroes from Anderson, Azula, Tigerstar, Dren and Asajj (In my story)
  5. John, Sally, Tisa, Garrow, Jayfeather, Haku, Terra, Kya, Einette, Jess, Tya, Eppsa and Zoe were sucked into Heartless cryptid after a Runari attack on Greenia ( in progress) Heartless Cryptid
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