The charmers are all adorable, but Wynn seems to get the most attraction of them all. It could just be because of her attitude, but when it comes down to it, she's a key card to Duela's deck; Timo

Wynn is one of Duela's duel spirits, a valley girl accented spellcaster.
Wynn the Wind Charmer

Her card and appearence

Wynn was the first monster Duela summoned against Otnot, in face down defense mode. She was used to take control of his Elemental Hero Stratos, and then used Stratos as a sacrifice to summon Necroshade. She and his fusion, Darkbright were destroyed by Evil Hero Malicious Edge. When Duela dueld Timo, she was the fist to notice the darkness surrounding him. She was summoned by the side effect of Normal Swarm, and used to synchro summon Eplosive magician. She appeared in the Trans Author Tournament, having a crush on Cail and being used to summon Majestic Eatos. During Duela's rematch with Otnot, she ws special summoned by the effect of Cyber Jar. She then was reunited with her brother Whirlwind Prodigy. When Jaden used her to duel with a Yubel possessed Duela, she was first used with Hiita and Effect Veiler to synchro summon Ancient Fairy Dragon, and later was summoned with Charmer's United, and managed to overcome her fear of birds to destroy Dark Nephythys.

In the duel monster spirit world, she lives with Guardian Eatos. She appeared to help Duela find her, alongside fellow charmers Hiita and Dharc. During this time, they were captured by Evil Hero Infernal Gainer, but were saved by Avian and Flame Wingman. She was shown to like shopping, and shares a room with Aussa the Earth Charmer. She is Ornithophobic, scared of birds, as it was the bird Dark Nepythys, who killed her parents, right in front of her. Her Brother, Whirlwind Prodigy, survived by being coughed up.

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