William is another version of Tonto. He usually dresses in formal clothes (a blue shirt, with black jeans, and mens high tops.) He only wants one thing, to have a normal life. If something disturbs his normal life, he'll go completely insane. How insane? Let's just say he makes Seras without her morning coffee look tame. His home world is iCity.

Unlike the original Tonto, he has no powers whatsoever. Now here's something funny. He's about 11 years old, and he's so smart, he's in high school. He's basically the Dexter of that world, except without the lab. He says it interferes with his normal life. He doesn't like morons if they cannot be teached; i.e. he hates Tonto. Completely. The instent he sees him, he'll go into insane mode. He won't be crazy enough to kill people, but he'll be crazy enough to scare Tonto into wetting his pants and running for his life.

The one time he abandoned his normal life was when Tonto was in the hospital, and he had to temporarily take his place by wearing the Ultimatrix. That's the only thing abnormal thing he did. After words, he ripped the Ultimatrix right of his wrist with his bare hands (no one knows how he did,) and ran off. Afterwords he vanished, and no one has seen or heard from him sense, even on his homeworld.

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