I love Wendy. She's always been kind and faithful to me, while dating or while married. She didn't kill me even when I let Kronos out, or when Omni messed with the cloner. I'd do anything to keep her and Jen safe; Tonto


Wendy the good little witch is a young teen witch living with her aunts Thelma, Welma and Zelma. Since the series, she and Casper have kept in contact, and she has grown up considerably. She us an accomplished spellcaster
A younger Wendy

At one point, she met up with Tonto, and have grown to be quite close, engaged by the end of the 10 new key main saga. They met via online dating, with help from Nemesis, the Goddess of revenge. She helped make sure they met, as Wendy, being a good witch has a way to balance Tonto's horrific luck and transfer it to someone with a lot of Hubris, Omnitrix the first. But if Wendy isn't around, rare it is, Tonto's luck bites back with a vengence. In the future she has a daughter with Tonto, Jen the good little Omnitrix witch, who inherits magic based on a few of Tonto's aliens. She generally flies Tonto around on her broom, and is on good terms with Karia

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