I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. If she got into my mansion, she'd steal everything, from my diamond carved statues of myself to my golden toilet seats. And also, anyone able to control Zak even if he went on a Kur rampage is defiatly a force to be wrecked with, could she seek him on me?; Tonto

Wadi is a arabian girl, the girlfriend of Zak Saturday
. She is a Kleptomaniac, a person who has issues in stealing things.

Wadi appeared a few times before Cryptonia was destroyed, appearing when Doofemsmirtz raided the ship and at christmas. She dissapeared with the world for a time but the destruction of Sidious allowed her to return. Hooking up with Zak, in the future they have married and are expecting a child, but outside forces are after it.....

It was shown that being so close to Zak, some of his power has rubbed off on her, as she was able to hold her own against a weakened Kronos

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