This guy is ugly, dangerous and sort of deranged. That's what makes him such a dangerous being. He could be potentially worse that Sidous if he really got himself dug in. He also hates us for constantly misspelling his name, sorry; Thomas


Valdimort is the villian from Hogwarts, and one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. He is a master wizard, and appears to anyone who speaks his name, often unwillingly in his part

Valdimort is unique among the villians as he didn't join in the heartless plot. He appeared at one point, when a ghost of Tom Riddle said his name in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se. He commenced to defeat Jayfeather, Ben, Kiki, Aelita, Toph, Ashoka and Sari quickly, and was fighting Seras before Thomas, Hagrid and two versions of Omni and Tonto in Hogwarts got him back. He was killed by Harry as in the book series, but was revived by Kronos, but he is not alligned with him. He then destroyed his home world Teaming up with Megatron in a loose alliance, they managed to survive the era of Kronos and the heroes attemps to track him down, and had a son during this time, Volcious Black Syltherin Serpens Lestrange

In the Future, he has obtained Zeus's master bolt and plans to use it for his own deeds.

Voldemort also has the distinction of being one of the few villains to evade the Hero League for an extened period of time.

Battle quotes

Prepare to face the strongest Wizard ever known

Even the Gods quake at me

Behold the fate of Mud Bloods



Your feeble FOOLS


Feel the BOLT

You were foolish (Win)


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