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Human and Ghost form

You know, me and him are very similar; both of us have powerful alter egos and are active off world. We also are both rich and have access to cloning tech. But the thing is, he's evil, I'm not; Tonto

Danny Phantom's arch nemesis, the creator of Dani Phantom, Vlad is a half ghost from Amity Park. He uses his powers for his own gain, and due to it is immensly rich. He desperatly wants to hummiliate his old friend, Jack Fenton because he is unattentionally responsible for his state and he also wants to take his wife Maddie and his son Danny from him as well.

He is the only villain from the first group to be part of the second, first trying to get Seras Victoria on his side, but she beats him. Later after he and his Nicktoon Unite teammates are beaten, he goes into hiding as the rest are consumed by the darkness. He will return in Ghostly Family Reunions as the main enemy, cooking up a plan with some of his old tech.....