Young Tsukune shows great promise, in his heart, and in his friends. Coming towards a kid of Aphrodite, that is saying a lot of good stuff; Tonto

Tsukune Aano is a hero from the world of Youkai Academy, with origins hailing from Olympian Manhattan. He is a son of Aphrodite
Tsukune Aono

Not in Youkai uniform

Tsukune is the only "human" to attend the monster school, Youkai academy. While there, he befriended a vampire named Moka, a Succubus named Kurumu, a witch named Yukari and a Yuki Onna named Mizore. They all harbor, extremely, obsessivly strong, romantic feelings for him. Tsukune himself is unsure who he has feelings for at all.

Tsukune was chosen to wield a keyblade due to his strong heart, granted to him by Paradox when Alucard and Kronos arrived on the world, seekign Moka's inner self's power. With his keyblade, which slowly evolved to grant him the power of his friends, he managed to defeat Alucard, but was defeated by Kronos when he revealed that his weapon was putting his friends in danger, as it was connected to their life forces. He was nearly killed by a Crucio curse, but his friends drove him off with the help of Tonto, who managed to revive Tsukune.

Paradox later tells Tsukune that he in reality is the demi god son of Aphrodite, picked by Paradox in order to ensure the future for Youkai, as he had the right balance of will, heart strength, genetics and natural attraction to ensure a future for Youkai by being the father of Youkai who would have their powers in tact mostly yet still be able to nearly flawlessly blend in with humans.

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