Guniea Pig Tonto
Tonto obtained the form of a Guinea pig when he went with Wendy to Lady C.C's spa and resort, which while there while the girls are getting manicured, C.C turned him into a Guinea Pig and shipped him off to a kindergarten, where they called him Mr. Teethy. Luckily for Tonto, Omnitrix was there reading to the little kids, so Tonto took over Omni by crawling into his head and inserting a PS2 controller and a microphone, with the side affect of a chipmunk voice. Flying back to C. C island, he engaged C.C in a fierce fight and won, getting back his human form, that Omni puked up and retained his new form.

Size 6 inches

Powers Large Cheeks, ability to summon a PS2 controller and Microphone and crawl into someones head via the mouth and control the person, ability to crawl into small spaces

Weaknesses Size, difficulty in communication, Xander and Haris both wanting to eat him, Cuy meat Lovers also wish to eat him and he has a weak resistance to eating grass

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