These guys are the hairy bomb. They've helped me protect the town, and the woods, from Nega's guardians while Omni was out bowling, and they're a great place to hide when Omni is out for my head; Tonto

Tonto, long before he was the hero of today, had once been lost in the woods, where a family of bigfoots had saved him.
They helped him back to civilization, and to this day they retained a great friendship. Tonto covertly works to protect their forested home from development, and the bigfoots in turn assist him when nessasary.

When Tonto battled the hunters, the bigfoot family were among the forces he recruited to do so. Tonto has a bigfoot form as well.


Powers; Strength, stealth, great senses

Weaknesses; No language, loud noises, difficult to use in populated areas, being a bigfoot.

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