A Jackalope, Tontalope was obtained byTonto when he accidently stumbled into the camp of

Note, the omnitrix symbol is on his head between his horns

the hunters of Artemis, who shot at him. He tried to flee as jetray, but as he changed Artemis tried to turn him into a jackalope, ending up creating Tontalope and briefly removing the mental controls. Unable to get his symbol, which was behind his ears he hopped away, until he ran into Johhny Hurricane, who tried to shoot him. He escaped by using a power to shoot a rainbow beam from between his antlers to send Johnny flying. Eventually reaching Wendys house, where she changed him back. Later he used the form to give Omnitrix a horrid allergic reaction, causing him to have to stay in attensive care.

Size 2 feet tall

Powers advanced jumping ability, reduced size, ability to eat any fruit or vegetable, laser beam, extreme allergic reaction attack

Weakness If Master control is locked he can't transform, small size,

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