Tom Apolloson is a demi god son of Apollo, his aunt is Artemis. He wears a golden sweater vest and green sweat pants and fingerless gloves. A bow is strung over his back. His keyblade has a blade like the sun with a moon in the middle of it to represent Apollo and artemis, his crossguard is two arrows, one sun yellow, the other moon yellow and the keychain is a musical note, to represent Apollo. This keyblade is called Solar Flare. He is a another version of Thomas

This Thomas has a quiet personality, having a dislike to the loud, crowded Apollo cabin in Olypmian Manhattan. For that reason, he often sleeps out near the normally vacant Artemis cabin. After hearing that the hunters had confronted strange creatures and had not returnt, he set out to find them. Eventually tracking them down, he found that they were Tailbunker heartless, and then Solar Flare appeared to him. Defeating the heartless and saving his Aunt and Thalia, Artemis then accepted him like none of her other nieces or nephews, but Tom then vanished.....

In battle, he uses Solar Flare for melee attacks and fire coated arrows. His KH ish abilities are


MP Haste

MP Rage


Fire Boost

MP Gift

Fire ( 358 Days Style)

Firaga ( KH style)

Curaga ( Both KH and 358 Days Style)

Shoot lock, Arrow Flare

Mode Changes Fire Blazer

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