This cat had the makings of a great warrior, loyalty, strength and cunning. But a bad childhood ruined this, and created a evil entity; Thomas

Tigerstar is Jayfeather's grandfather, and the antagonist of the warriors series.

Ghost cat form

Tigerstar was killed because of Firestar, Jayfeather's other grandfather two years before he was born. He had convinced Scourge, his half brother, that Tigerstar was evil, and the two fought, where Scourge took Tigerstar's nine lives at once. OUCH. Tigerstar however, continued to influence events from the cat spirit realm. Later, he obtained the powers of darkness, and possessed another of his grandchildren, Lionblaze. He battled and beat off Sora and company, until Lionblaze's will overpowered his, and forced him out. He took on the form of the Lyoko Kollosus, and battled Sora and Jaypaw's team, but was defeated. Kronos revived him in the future

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