After 10 new keys, Eragon, Oromis, Murtagh and Arya rebuilt the riders order on Alegesia. Taking eggs from the past in the nest of broken eggs; they raised 8 new riders, with 2 more in waiting somewhere

Eragon; Leader, in charge of Urgal and Dwarven relations; Dragon Saphira color Blue

Murtgagh; in charge of human relations ; Dragon Thorn color Red

Oromis; Elder; Dragon Glaeder ( Both Deceased by Kronos's freedom) color Gold

Arya; In charge of Elven Relations; Dragon Emmerant color Green

Shurikan; Dragon Elder;

Honorary members

Garrow; Son of Eragon and Arya

Jayfeather; Cat, old friend of Eragon and Arya

Thomas; Keyblade Jedi taught by Oromis

Orik the Dwarf

Alex Storm


Recruits younger

Greg; Human male with brown hair and blue eyes age 19. Wears black with large scar under eye; Melee specialist; Dragon Snarls gender male color Brown

Lindsey Smith; DemiGod female, long red hair with green eyes age 18. Wears brown, blade smith, apprentice to Rhunon, only daughter of Hepheastus; Dragon Heppa gender female color Orange

Lynna; Elven female, starlight white hair long with green eyes age 18. Wears Brown; Nature Specialist; Dragon Venus gender female color Pink

Evaren; Elven Male, black hair with long bangs and black eyes age 16. Wears Green; Dragon Health Doctor; Dragon Healios gender female color Golden Bronze

Theadora; Human female, tan skin, brown hair and blue eyes age 13. Wears Greenish brown; Team Rookie; Dragon Celestar gender male color silver

Annastasia; Human Female; tanskin, red hair and blue eyes age 20. Wears Blue; Healing specialist and Theadora's older sister; Dragon Ingorf Gender male color white

Tollen; Elven Male; Honey skin with black hair and Green eyes age 18; Wears Brown; Archery Specialist; Dragon Tammila gender feale color Yellow Green

Jessica Storm; Human Female; She has Brown hair (after her father) and has Yellow eyes. When Alex was twelve, and pretty much saved Earth, Jessica mainly focused on fashion., now she always looks out for her teammates, and always likes to keep her younger brother safe, even is it means embarrasing him; Age 35 Wears Brown; Leader of young group; Dragon Hurricane gender Male color Blueish Gray, sister of Alex Storm

Two Unhatched Eggs

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