A mysterious scientist from another universe has stolen Tonto's 2nd cloner, and plans to use it to fufill two plots, one to defeat Olympus, and the other for a mysterious purpose.... The mysterious scientist is treated like a father by the members of Demi Squad.

All of them are 12 years old. They are (List will update)

Helen; Cloned with human and Hera's DNA. One of the leaders of Demi Squad, with chocolate brown hair. She shares Hera's hatred of children of Zeus, like Thalia. Her powers include the ability to summon a storm of peacock feathers. She fights also with a sword.

Penny; Cloned with human and Persephone DNA. She is shy and quiet with black hair, with a personality somewhat similar to Akiza from Yu Gi Oh 5D's. She can summon and control plant life, and also carries a sword. She and Henny do not get along that well.

Henny; Cloned with human and Hestia's DNA. She is small and energetic, with mossy brown hair. Compared to the others in Demi Squad, she's a lot nicer and childish then the rest of them. She has pyro related powers and a knife to fight with. She can warp people in a similar manner to Hestia.

Zach; Cloned with human and Zeus's DNA, he is black haired, tall with yellow, lightning shaped highlights in his hair. He is a cocky and arrogant. He controls lightning and wields a Falchion.

Nina; Cloned with Human and Nyx's DNA; she had pitch black short hair and purple eyes. She is one of the more mature and powerful members of Demi Squad, and can control darkness for warping and forming of weapons.

Cryns; Cloned with human and Chrysus's DNA; He had golden hair and eyes and tanned skin. He can immobolize people in gold shells, and turn inanimate objects to gold with his touch, meaning he needs no weapon.

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