Seras, I've always found her attractive. What's not to like, she's a great hero an she's probably the most stunning females in the universe my age. The vampire thing, well that's not much of a problem, even though we do have occasional arguments about her possibly turning me. I just can't grab Immortality like that; Thomas

Seras victoria is a british female keyblade wielding vampire, from Draculania.
Once a police officer, Alucard changed her after he had to shoot her through her lungs to take out a vampire after Seras told him to do it, despite that the vampire was using her as a human shield. She is strong willed, and always stands for what she believes, this includes a reluctance to drinking blood. She also wields a soul stone, a mystic stone that allows a vampire like her to regain some human characteristics. The other heroes in Greenia, like Ben and Kiki see her like a almost big sister, and are friendly even though she is a vampire. Since around Thomas adventure 10, she has had a crush on Thomas, that was recupirated when Luke Skywalker changed the Jedi rules to allow him to marry, but discouraging the practice. With him, she had a Dhampir son, John Victoria.

In the future, she has offered to change him many times, a request rejected as Thomas doesn't wish to be a vampire despite the eternal youth and immortality it would offer him. And before Tonto asks, she can't just bite him because she needs him to be willing to make the change in order to do so, else he becomes a ghoul zombie ( it wouldn't be pretty, lets put it that way) or he could just become a part of Seras, which would be an equally wierd and hard to describe thing, okay it isn't a pretty sight okay no more questions.

Her master, Alucard, has feelings for her, and expresses them in his own way, such as kidnapping her and trying to make her submit again.

She officially became a keyblade master after winning the demi cup, and defeating the keybearer named Roxas, as well as Xion, the penguins, Batman, Kiki, Doofemsmirt, Percy Jackson and a lot of heartless

She is known to be really dependent on Coffee, the two times she didn't have a morning cup, the worst time thanks to a moron, Greenia was razed and flipped over.



Super senses

Super speed and strengh

Light Portal

Fire based abilities

Thomas; Future husband

John; Future son

Jane; Future Daughter

Battle Quotes

"Prepare to burn!""


"I won't bow!"

"Take this!"

"I will crush you!"

"Gaze at me, and die!"

"Victory is mine!" Victory

"Ugh" Defeat

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