It has always been my failure about Sari's loss of her father. I hope she's never hated me for it. She's had a rough life, from her crush on Ben that didn't recupirate to her daughter being the key of Unicron, but she's always kept a good attitude. I hope she keeps on being happy; Thomas

Sari sumdac is a keyblade using half human half robot from Cybertron. She was chosen for her willpower and uniqueness. She has several transformer like powers, ranging from skates to energy orbs. She is the last human native to Cybertron, as the others were wiped out a year before 10 new keys began. She had a rivally with fellow keybearer Ashoka Tano, and a crush on Ben Tennyson. However the crush and rivarly are now weaker in her older state.

Sally was revealed to be a mysterious child, meant to be the key of Unicron, as part of Ahpopis's plot to destroy the universe. As such, she has a limited control of Chaos magic


Cyber power orbs



Issac Sumdac; Father, deceased

Sally Sumdac; Future daughter

Battle quotes

Prepare to face the last Cybertronian Human

Let's roll out!


Ashoka's got nothin on me

Autobots rule (Victory)

Not, Cool (Lose)

Sari Sumdac
Sally Sumdac

Sally Sumdac

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