Orean9 is a another version of Omnitrix1 from Halloween Town. He works for Oogie Boogie, but unlike Lock, Shock, or Barrel, he doesn't wear a mask or a costume for that matter. There are 2 reasons for that. One; he thinks it makes him look like a dork, and two; no one even knows what he really looks like. With him around, you don't know if the friend you're talking to is your friend, or Orean the Ninth.

He has a dark personality, and almost can never be trusted, even by his allies. His powers differ from Omni's. He can't turn into an alien, he can transform into an exact copy of whoever he wants to be. Example: Orean wants to look like Thomas. BOOM! He'll look exactly like Thomas, right down to the underwear. He almost never shows his true form, and no one, not even Oogie Boogie, knows what he really looks like. He idolizes Tomaru.

He worked for Oogie for about 4 years, and Oogie always made sure he had someone watching him. One day though, he betrayed Oogie and tried to overthrow him, but Lock, Shock, and Barrel stopped him, but he said he would be back. Then no one knows what happened to him....

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