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Alien Name: Omnitrix the Ancient

Species: Nobody

Homeworld: The World That Never Was

History: Omnitrix the Ancient was not unlocked like other heroes in the Omnitrix. What happened was that when Negatrix's future (I'll tell you who he is later) was destroyed, he tried to destroy Omnitrix1, but Omni fled while some heroes were trying to protect him. He eventually got to his house, where he went to his room to hold on to his dog (thinking these were his last moments with his dog.) Negatrix eventually broke down the house, then throwing Omni to the side tried to kill his dog, Xander. But before he could snap the dog's neck, Omni became so mad for his love for this dog that his heart was filled with light (for that moment, it went back after the fight. It would also act like this if anyone else he loved was about to be destroyed.) Then the Omnitrix, taking the power of Omni's heart, sampled the DNA of the nobody. He had all of Xion's powers (when she was armored) allowing him to change his armor to look like the times Xion upgraded her armor with the Keyblades she used. With Omnitrix the Ancient's power, he stopped Negatrix and saved his dog. He uses this form later, but mainly uses it just in case the situation is dire, but not very dire (for emergencies only.)

Appearance: Looks like armored Xion, except the armor is white (except for the helmet,) and the Omnitrix is on his chest.

Powers: Can heal himself from severe damage, can alter his armor to make himself more powerful, and is basically the only Omnitrix form that can wield a Keyblade.

Weaknesses: He can only alter this form with forms for specific worlds, in other words one form per world, besides his true form.

(Personal Note: Omni named this guy Omnitrix the Ancient, after his great Grandfather because he has his Grandfather's courage.)