Alien Name: Omniharris

Species: Genetically Altered Black Alligator

Homeworld: Blues Country Earth

History: When Tonto brought Harris to the warehouse, Omnitrix was actually very creeped out, and commented that Harris wasn't a pet, it was a mini Godzilla. Tonto, infuriated, devised a plan to get revenge on Omni for saying that. So he sent Harris to fake an attack on Omni where one of Harris' claws scratched Omni's Omnitrix and his DNA was downloaded on to his Omnitrix, 'thus transforming Omni into an exact copy of Harris and the symbol of the Omnitrix was between his eyes, and 'thus making Harris want to wrestle with Omni because Harris like to wrestle with any of his own kind, or Tonto. Any way he plays nice, and since Omni doesn't like Harris, he didn't want anything to do with the fight, even though Harris gave him no choice. A while later, when Tonto and Harris left to go on vacation in Disney world, Omni tested this form against the Vilgax of his world, and the Vilgax of ben's worlds, and it fought pretty well and when both Vilgax's were weakened, Omni sent them into outer space with the power of one of Omni's original heroes, Callimore. Omni is known to only use this form when Tonto and Harris aren't around, so he doesn't use this form pretty much thanks to those two.

Appearance: Looks like a black alligator with with cheese on his back. (how Omni got the chees thing is beyond me since they aren't part of Harris' DNA)

Powers: He can fly, can talk unlike Harris, is super smart, and can breath fire

Weaknesses: Basically he has the same weaknesses as a regular alligator, and being being around harris since harris like to wrestle.

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