The Noseratu incarnation of Thomas, named Tomaru. He is a tall, slim brown boy with piercing red eyes and black leather clothing He wields a keyblade with a blade like a black bat wing with a rather long reach, a fang toothed crossguard with a blood red hilt and a large blood red orb for a keychain called Fangblade. He is 300 years old, but still appears 18.

Tomaru is a silent, mysterious character sighted in various locations across his Draculania world. He has confronted Alucard and Anderson seperatly, escaping Alucard with only minor wounds and managed to escape Anderson's attack. He is a true Nosferatu, having drinken fresh blood, and a master of darkness. However it was shown that he had been confronting the Freak vampires and their ghouls, at one point saving Seras from a mob of ghouls.

When Millenium invaded, Tomaru was shown fighting against them. When asked, he simply told Seras "I don't like Hellsing, but I don't like them more" where he dissapeared, however he isn't dead, or even in his dimmension anymore

Dark Break

Dark Firaga

Dark Aura

Dark Shield

MP hastega


Shoot lock dark burst

Mode change Twilight burst

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