The silent drawer, freeing her and Roxas was definatly one of my favorite things I was able to do during the first war. She's going to definatly be important; Thomas

he nobody of Kairi, a princess of heart, Namine is Sora's nobodies, Roxas's love. She has the ability to wield keyblades, as well as to mess around with the memories of Sora and those connected to him, to a point of being able to use them to litterally crush an enemies heart

In the neo dimmension she and Roxas were the first to accompany Thomas in his quest. In the main dimmension she was released from Kairi as part of Thomas's plan and helped her fight off Marluxia, and explained why Jayfeather couldn't read Kairi's mind. In the future, she is married to Roxas and has two twin kids, her son Ranpu and daughter Haku.

"Sister" Kairi

Husband Roxas

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