Matrix100 is another version of Omnitrix1. His home world is strangely the world of Brawlia, and he really likes living there. He likes fighting people. It makes him happy, well that and lunch.

Matrix the Hundreth is straight forward with everything, even on how people look, and he doesn't think of the consequences. But when someone is about to kill him, he just smiles and says, "Relax, you need to loosten up and live a little." For some reason, that usually works, but not always. He usually dresses in a red t-shirt with blue camo. shorts, and green sneakers, but he still has the blond hair. His powers differ greatly from Omni's, in fact they're nothing alike. He has powers that copy those of some smashers. He can project Aura like Lucario, can shoot fireballs like Mario and Luigi, has super speed like Sonic, and is psychic like Ness and Lucas. With these combined abilities, he is almost unbeatable, emphasise on almost. He has been beaten many times before.

He is a master brawlest, and claims he wrote the book on fighting. He doesn't really like to fight against bad guys, but he also doesn't like to ally himself with them, so he usually avoids people like Gannondorf or Bowser. He just likes to fight for fun, and if he learns the fight he's in is personal, then he'll stop fighting instantly, and lose on purpose. He says that "If a fight is personal, then I want no part of it. Whatever I did to you, I'll do whatever I can to make up for it, but I don't want to do with any fight if it's personal," and that's the only thing he takes seriously, besides his fights.

He entered in the Battle of the Super Smash Bros. once, and he fought everyone and won, eventually reaching Master Hand. Once he was defeated, he won the title of the Master Smasher. He then dissapeared shortly afterwords, and no one knows what happened to him.

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