Jayfeather ( Great Forest, Warriors) Adaptium Nano item Clump of moss

Herb remedy Heal Group

Jayfeather cures your ailments with herbs

Extended smell Radar

Jayfeather is blind, but he is able to smell all nearby monsters

Dream rescue Revive Self

If you are going to faint, Jayfeather travels into your dream to save you

Agent 86 ( Smartsville Get Smart) Blastons Nano item shoe phone

Spy mode Sneak self 86 helps you sneak past the monsters

Raw peaches Freedom self Eat a peach and avoid being stunned, sleeped or snared

Shoe ring Damage cone 86's shoe phone rings damaging all nearby monsters

Kiki ( Mew City Tokyo Mew Mew) Cosmix nano item clump of monkey tail hair

Monkey leap Jump group Going Monkey Kiki helps you jump higher than before

Tambourine trench Stun Cone Kiki strikes a monster with her tambourine stunning it

Prehensile tail Snare cone Kiki grabs a monster with her tail preventing it from moving

Harry Potter ( Hogwarts Harry Potter) Adaptium nano item spare glasses

Petrifis totaliscis Stun area Harry immobolizes all the monsters nearby

Get the quiditch Recall self Harry spots a quiditch ball and sends you to it, but he really saw a recall point

Big account Bonus Harry's inheritance pays off by paying you more per monster and mission

Seras Victoria ( Draculania Hellsing) Blastons nano item discarded magazine ( gun)

Bat Bite Leech Point Seras takes a bite out of a monster and sends you some energy back

Vampire speed Run self Vampires like Seras can run faster, so Seras helps you to run faster

Humanity protection Guard Seras holds on to her humanity, and your boosts and potions

Link ( Brawlia Legend of Zelda) Cosmix nano item arrow

Master sword slash Damage point the master sword strikes a targeted fusion beast

Bomb jump Rocket Link drops a bomb that propels you in mid air

Triforce secure antidote The power of the triforce protects you from fusion matter

Aqua ( Gathering place, Kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep) Adaptium nano item lock of hair

Keyblade slash Damage point Aqua slashes a monster with her keyblade

Diamond Dust Stun area Aqua uses a magic ice attack to stun all the nearby monsters

Attraction Freedom Group Aqua winks at the monsters causing them to stop stunning, sleep enducing or snaring you

Perry ( Danville, Phineas and Ferb) Blastons nano item fedora

Your on agent P Sneak group Perry adones his fedora and goes into secret agent mode, so do you and your group pals

Poison barb Drain point Platypus's are poisonous, so Perry strikes a monster with its hidden poison barb

Clicking sonar Treasure finder Perry does that clicking noise he does and locates nearby Coco Eggs

Saphira ( Alegesia, Inheritance cycle) cosmix nano item dragon scale

Fly away recall group Saphira takes flight and returns you to saftey

Hawk eye Scavenge Saphira sees more Fusion matter rewards and gives them to you

Fire Tongue Damage cone Saphira unleashes a pillar a fire that melts nearby enemies

Ven ( The Gathering place, Birth By Sleep KH) Adaptium nano item wrist band

Speed of wind Run group Ven's name means wind, and now winds blow from behind your group to speed them up

Speed Rave Drain area Ven and his speed attacks take out enemies with gradual damage

Speed fury attack Snare target area Ven quickly traps monster with his speed

Please note do to complications the Power Puff Girls Z have requested their own nano selves seperate from the FF versions of themselves

Pikachu ( Pokemon Castle, Pokemon) Adaptium Nano item light ball

Thunder bolt Damage point Pikachu strikes a monster with Thunder

Thunder wave Stun cone Pikachu stuns a monster in range with electricity

Agility Run group Pikachu uses agility to speed up the movements of your team

Buttercup Z ( New townsville, Power Puff girls Z) Blastons Nano item soccer ball

Hammer blow Damage point Buttercup Z hammers down a nearby monster; anyone think giving her a hammer through?

Goal defense Guard Buttercup Z is a soccer player, and she can guard your boosts and potions like the net goal

Skateboard away Antidote Take a ride on her Skateboard and cross Fusion matter safely

Blossom Z ( New townsville, Power Puff Girls Z ) Cosmix Nano item comic book

Heroes rule Health Self area Blossom Z gives a speech that boosts your nearby friends health

Yo Yo Supreme Leech point a smack from her trusty Hero YO YO shows monsters whose boss, and take its energy too

Sugar frenzy Jump Group Blossom Z had too much sugar and is getting a sugar rush; join in on it for a jump boost

Aelita ( Lyoko Code Lyoko) Adaptium Nano item music CD

Devirtulization Recall Self Aelita sends you back to the nearest Recall point when you say so

Music Sonar treasure finder Aelita's love of music helps you find eggs like a sonar

Mid air wings Rocket Flap your wings mid air for a boost

Ricco ( City Zoo, Penguins of Madagascar) Blastons nano item Mohawk feather

Bomb blaster Damage area a bomb from deep inside Ricco is spat out and strikes all nearby enemies

Insane indominable sercurity Freedom self Ricco is well known as crazy, and now in protecting you from additional effects he proves it over again, not that we forgot

Return from the belly of the penguin Revive self if you get knocked out, you come back, through his mouth. Worry some is it not

Bubbles Z ( New townsville Power Puff girls Z) Cosmix nano item hair pin

Bubble trapper Snare self area Bubbles Z shows off her bubble wand and traps your enemies inside bubbles

Wand bomerang Damage area Bubbles Z throws her bubble wand and strikes multiple foes; she does realize how to use it right

Ditzy diva Freedom group all Bubbles are ditzy in nature, so use it to protect your self from extra owies

Sari Sumdac ( Cybertron, Transformers animated) Adaptium Nano item Spare dress

Power Ball Damage Point Sari fires a blue ball that strikes enemies fiercly

Skates Run Self Sari speedily skates with you being pulled along

Ride on a jetpack Rocket Sari and her dad's mopad give you a lift

James ( Liberty Land; Liberty Kids) Blastons Nano item Pencil

Investigative finding Bonus In investigating the battles between you and monsters, James picks up more taro rewards for you

Big scoop Scavenge In pursuit of a big scoop for the Gazette, James finds extra fusion matter and gives it to you

Liberty Bell flight Recall self In my stories, James has flight training and some returning to recall points is the least he can do

Ashoka Tano ( Star Wars Galaxy, Star Wars the Clone Wars) Cosmix Nano item Silka bead

Force Jump Jump Group Ashoka uses the force to boost everyones jump`

Force senses Radar Ashoka finds the location of monsters using the force and add it to your Nano com

Lightsabre action Damage Point Ashoka and her lightsabre take a cut out of a close fusion

TONTO ( Omnimation, Omnitrix1) Blastons nano item what remained of his common sense

Run away Run group Tonto angered his master again, and now he and your friends have to run for their lives

Spirit of the Omnitrix Guardian Revive self Tonto guards you until you awaken after you fall

I'm in control Snare target area Tonto take control; again and stops movement for enemies

Beau ( Unknown, Krspace T or more specifically one of my OC's) Adaptium nano item shed claw

Sleep my child Sleep cone a flick of Beau's tail lures a nearby enemy to sleep

Great cat leap jump self a cat has natural jumping abilities, even a old cat can do it, so Beau helps you do it

Cat sneak Sneak self cats and their masterful skills in stealth help you avoid your enemies

Scooby doo ( Coolsville , Scooby doo) Blastons Nano item scooby snack box

Run Ronsters Run group Scooby sees a ronster, excuse me monster and helps you escape from it

Rooby Rack Roost health self Scooby snacks always help you get some energy back; excuse the grammar issues

Rats rat rell Treasure finder Use scooby's well developed nose to help you locate eggs

Alex Russo ( Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place) Cosmix nano item old sandwitch wrapping

Make it up smash Leech Point Every monster had a different weakness, so using a different spell for each monster; Alex drains energy from a enemy and gives it to you

Tricked you Freedom self Alex tricks monsters into not stunning, putting to sleep or snaring you

Sharp stick poke Stun cone A sharp poke from Alex's wand stuns a monster; if only she could get payed to do it

Zack Saturday ( Cryptonia The Secret Saturdays) Adaptium nano item spare shirt

Cryptid Detect Radar Zack's connection to weird creatures allows you to sense Spawns

Cryptid defend Freedom Group Zack's bond with all cryptic creatures gets them to leave you alone from stuns, sleeps and snares

Cryptid stop Snare area Zack stops monsters in their traps

Jaden ( Duel land, Yu Gi Oh GX) Blastons Nano item old card

Kuriboh revival revive self Winged Kuriboh is summoned and brings you back if you are defeated

Flare wingman rocket Rocket Flame wingmans wing really boosts you in mid air

Neos Knockdown Damage point This space hero monster really packs a punch

Roxas ( Destiny Island Kingdom Hearts 2) Cosmix .?docid=15454850o item crystal ball

Dual Key slash Leech Point A slash from Oblivion and Oathkeeper takes energy from your targeted monster and gives it to you

Light speed Run group Roxas uses the powers of light to speed his and your groups movements

Dark rewards Scavenge with the powers of darkness retrive for yourself more fusion matter

Samus ( Brawlia Metroid) Adaptium nano item scrunchy

Mega shot Damage area use Samus's famed arm cannon to really blast a few close monsters

Plentyfull bounty Bonus A bounty hunter knows how to negotiate for more Taros

Missionfufilled Guard Samus is assigned to potion and boost guarding, and she will succeed in it

Waspinator ( Cybertron Transformers Beast wars) Blastons Nano item lost body part

Waspinator revive Revive Group Waspinator revives fallen friend, cause Waspinator know what it is like to be killed again and again

Wasp dart Stun cone a blast from the sting of Waspinator really stuns a monster, they hate bees

Retreat Recall Self Run away, the maximals; no wait you just got back to a Recall point silly Waspinator

Clover ( Whoopopolis, Totally Spies) Cosmix Nano item old magazine

Ya take that Drain point some good old beverly kicking really drains a monster

Whooping Sneak group Go and get ready to sneak past your enemies

Sleeping gadget Sleep target area a whoop gadget sends your enemies to dream land

Dani ( Amity Park Danny Phantom) Cosmix Nano item ski hat

Ice blast Drain area a strong frosty blasts drains the energy of enemies

Going Ghost Antidote Going intangible you now can cross fusion matter unhindered

Possessed sleep Sleep cone send your enemies to sleep by possessing them

Aang ( Avataria; Avatar the Last airbender) Adaptium nano item bison whistle

Take a glide Rocket Aang uses his glider to boost your movements in air

Air sickness Sleep area Using air Aang gives monsters a horrid sickness they just have to sleep off.

Mega air jump jump self Aang uses air currents to boost your jumps

Spongebob ( Bikini Bottom, Spongebob Squarepant) Blastons Nano item cooked Krabby Patty

Sponge clean Antidote Spongebob absorbs the extra fusion matter to reduce the poison letter to 0%

Krabby Patty fry cook Health self area Spongebob cooks up Krabby Patties to heal

The worlds second most annoying laugh Drain area Only exceeded by Flapjack, Spongebob laughs to drive nearby monsters mad

Toph ( Avataria Avatar the last airbender) Cosmix nano item toenail

Earth trap snare cone Toph summons earth to trap the nearby monsters

Vibration magnification Radar all monsters movements are tracked by Toph

Soil seal Guard Toph's dirty feet cover your boosts and potions, but wash them later

Katara ( Avataria Avatar the last airbender ) Adaptium Nano item necklace

Goo control Freedom group Katara controls the monsters to prevent them from sleeping, stunning or snaring you

Ice field Snare area Katara freezes water and traps the monsters in ice

The angry Katara Stun cone Never anger Katara, the last person who did was stunned horribly; and well the monsters are going to see it.

Owen ( Wawanaqua; Total Drama Island) Blastons Nano item pancake

Gas bubble Sneak self Owen surrounds you in a gas bubble to hide you from monsters; bring nose pins

The helium pancake Jump group Owen eats pancakes made of helium and his jumps and your groups go higher as a result

TDI winner Bonus Owen wins TDI, so he shares that cash with you WOO HOO

Eragon ( Alegesia Inheritance Cycle) Cosmix Nano item

Brisingr Damage point Light your sword on fire and strike your enemy

Elven endurance Run self Elves or half elves like Eragon can run faster for longer

Sapphira! Recall group Eragon calls for Sapphira to take you to safety in the infected zones

Melody ( Atlantica Little Mermaid 2) Adaptium nano item mermaid scale

Water of life Revive self The sea gave all life, well life so Melody gives it to you

Sea mist Freedom self Melody creates a veil of mist to protect you from snare, stun and sleep

Ocean bounties Scavenge The sea is loaded with treasure, so use its power to gain more Fusion matter

Future predator ( The land of Anomalies Primeval) Blastons Well it was possessed by fuse

Mega leap Jump group Future predators have great agility so they can leap over higher, as can you

The revenge of the claws Drain point the predator attacks a fusion beast and creates a painful wound on fuse

Echo sonar Treasure finder The future evolution of bats, the future predator senses Coco eggs

Jade ( Talismana Jackie Chan adventures) Cosmix nano item mega moose plushie

Horse talisman heal group Use this talisman to heal your group

Snake Talisman Sneak group Use this talisman to sneak pass your monster foes

Dog Talisman Revive Group Use this talisman to retain life, and restore it to those who are bested in combat

Eevve ( Pokemon Castle Pokemon) Adaptium Nano item collar fur

Fuseon Antidote Eevee adapts to fusion matter to protect you from damage

Body Slam stun cone Eevee uses Body Slam to strike a monster with stunning skill

Tail whip Freedom Self Eevee shakes its tail to endear its enemy into not stunning, snaring or putting to sleep its trainer

Percy Jackson (Olympian Manhattan, Percy Jackson) Adaptium nano item sea shell

Water cast Heal group With a bit of water, Percy is able to heal your groups injuries

Clean up Antidote Percy uses his power over water to clean up the area near you of fuse goo, briefly any way

Clearer sight Radar Percy, as a demi god, can see monsters, and that's what he's gonna do now to help you

Returninator Recall group Use on of Doofemsmitz's inators to return to a safe zone

Nightynightinator sleep cone Sends some enemies to dreamland with this inator

Moremoneyinator bonus get more rewards with this inator

Chromostone ( Land of Aliens Ben 10 alien force) Cosmix nano item crystal ( note all Ben 10 aliens are cosmix for some reason...)

Reborn crystal Revive self If you are defeated, Chromostone comes apart and brings you back ( reassembling not required)

The single eye Guard with only one eye, Chromostone focus's on any attempts to rob you

Flash of pain Leech Point some bright rainbow colored light drains your enemies and heals you

Luigia (Pokemon Castle, Pokemon Gold and silver) Adaptium nano item Silver wing

Tailwind Run group a powerful tailwind forms from behind to spead you along in your travels

Aero Blast Stun Area a massive wind attack will shock your enemies

Ocean bounty Bonus the power of the sea in this creature will gift you with extra richs

Ho-Oh (Pokemon Castle, Pokemon Gold and silver) Blastons nano item Rainbow wing

Sacred Fire Damage point The powers of fire will burn your foes to ashs

Sacred Ash Heal Self area the mystic ashs of this pokemon bring healmeant to your tired neibours and yourself

Johnny Bravo (Bravo Beach, Johnny Bravo) Adaptium nano item Shades

Mega Hunk Punch damage cone punch your foes with 1 mil tons of hot

Rippin strong Guard The power of hot and muscle guards your potions and boosts

The likeness of narcassist Sneak self Get the monsters over admiring themselves and allow you to pass

Cannonbolt ( Land of Aliens Ben 10 alien force) Cosmix nano item shed shell armor

Pin ball Volley Damage area a rapid attack by this rotund alien will really hurt you

Armored transport Recall group Roll inside the shell of Cannonbolt to get to safety in infected zones

Boucing Ball Rocket Bouncing like a bouncing ball is a great way to boost air time

Hermoine (Hogwarts Harry Potter) Adaptium nano item text book

I know All Radar Hermoine unleashs knowledge of your enemies wereabouts

Half and Half Snare With a wizards skill but a muggle heritage, Hermoine knows how to mix science and magic to catch your foes

A+ test Health Self Hermoine helps you study for a A+, and your health improves

Namine ( Destiny Islands, Kingdom Hearts chain of memories) Cosmix nano item drawing pad

Memory Crush Leech Point Steal and smash the memories of your monsters foe, watch them drop!

Clue path Recall self Namine leaves little notes around the infected zones, allowing you to safely escape back to a safe point

Memory guard Freedom Self The power of memories blocks you from negative stuns, snares and sleeps

Sam ( Whoopopolis, Totally Spies) adaptium Nano item gadget

Malibu Mash damage point This malibu girl will wup your monsters in the kisser today

In the night Sneak self go into spy mode and avoid your foes, until you trip something

Stopper Snare cone Sam uses a powerful gadget to stop your foes movements

Wendy ( Omnimation, Casper) Adaptium nano item whitch's brew

Plaster spell caster Stun area Wendy turns all of your enemies into plaster, stopping them

Broom boost Run group Take a ride on Wendy's broomstick to move at faster rates

Good little girl Health self Wendy uses her kindness to heal you of ailments

Drix ( World not named as of now, Ozzy and Drix) Blastons nano item ammo

Take your medicine Health Self Ozzy gives you a pill to heal yourself

Arm Cannon Damage point Ozzy fires pills at your foes

Private Eye Scavenge Ozzy goes Private eye and gets you more Fusion Matter

Captain Planet ( World not named as of now, Captain planet and the Planeteers) Cosmix nano item earth essence

Green Beatdown Leech Point Captain planet strikes with all of natures power and heals you too

The Gaia power Antidote Take on the power of the spirit of the earth to reduce the infection

Heart Freedom self use the power of heart to guard yourself from Stuns, snares and sleeps

Number 362 (Sector V Kids next Door) Cosmix nano item piece of helmet armor

Direct Order Snare cone Number 362 orders your foes to stop

Standing yield attack Damage cone a strike of her yield staff will push enemies to yield before you

Over stress Guard Her job can get really stressed, and when it does she attacks anything trying to steal your boosts and potions

"Standing Yield attack" Katinka agreed. Then the watch timed out again.

Firestar (Great Forest, Warriors Original series) Adaptium nano item mouse tail

Nine lived cat Revive group a star has nine lives, so Firestar will use them to aid you, with no limit on its use

Successful hunt Health group Firestar catches a bunch of mice and feeds them to you to aid your health

Blaze overdrive Run group One of his lives gave him the gift of endurance, and he is going to use it now

Athena (Olympian Manhattan, Percy Jackson) Adaptium nano item Owl feather

Wisdom shot Damage cone a blast of wisdom strikes your nearby foes

Owls flight Jump Group Like the owl, fly and take to the skies

Brain boost Health Self Children of Athena are born from her mind and their fathers. The power of thought shall also heal you!

Diamondhead (Land of Aliens Ben 10) Cosmix nano item crystal shard

Cystal cha ching Bonus Sell off some nice crystals off Diamondhead for a bonus

Mega crystal Drain point A coco attack takes down some massive monster points and you get some back

Crystal boot Antidote Diamondhead summons crystal walking platforms to allow you to cross poisonous areas of Fusion Matter

Lil'D (Marquee Row, Class of 3000) Blastons nano item drum sticks

Music soothment Freedom group Now you will have some drum power to prove the saying music sooves the savage beast

Drum Rally Drain area A beat of the drums can give the monsters a massive headache

Song scene Sneak Group Lil D starts one of his song scenes and distracts the monsters to let you pass unhindered

Anakin (Star Wars Galaxy, Star Wars) Cosmix Nano item fighter rench

Force choke Stun cone Chose this for a dark anakin force choke; be glad Nanos listen to you

Lightsabre strike Damage point A slash of lightsabre really strikes your enemies where it hurts

R2 ready the ship Recall self Anakin calls for R2 to ready the ship to take you to a recall point

Rolf (Peach Creek Ed Edd N Eddy) Blastons nano item butter curn

Phone of doom Drain Area the ringing of doom is unleashed upon your monster foes

Farmed produce Health group Help all your friends to organic food from Rolf's Farm

Wierd guy Stun Cone Rolf blabbers about his old country, and stuns the monster with his old style babble.

Artemis (Olympian Manhattan Percy Jackson and the Olympians) Blastons nano item moon rock

Arrow storm Damage area a storm of arrows barrage your foes

Luner Chariot Recall group Ride the lunar chariot out of dangerous infected areas

Hunting sense Radar The sense of the hunt reveals all nearby enemies

BlackRose Dragon (Neo Domino/ Satellite, Yu gi oh 5D’s) Blastons nano item card scan

Bursting flower fire; Damage point A blast of dark fire will strike your foe

Photosynthesis Health self A burst of light will heal your injuries

Hidden trove Guard Would you steal potions and boosts from a guarding dragon, I wouldn’t, and nor will the monsters

Max Ride (Skies of Disaster, Maximum Ride) Blastons Nano Item Feather

Mach flight Run Self With Max's best speed, rush forward into battle

Cookies! Heal Self Area nothing like fresh cookies to enduce a healing sensation!

Flock take Flight Jump Group the flock takes flight into the air for battle

Artemis Fowl (Underhaven, Artemis Fowl) Adaptium Nano item Armani Suit

BULTER! Damage Point Artemis calls on the every loyal Butler to cream the opposition

Data Hacked Radar Artemis hacks into the Fusion Data base to detect nearby foes

No flaws Freedom Self Artemis Fowl comes up with a fool proof plan, that has no possibility of Stun, Snare or Sleep status conditions

Jiraiya (Land of Ninja, Naruto) Cosmix Nano Item Icha Icha Pad

Pervy Sage! Stun area Stun your foes with 100% pure pervertedness

Reverse Summoning Recal Self The toads will reverse summon you back to safety in an infected zone

Toad Summon Foe Bind; Summon a toad and bind your foes with a powerful tongue!

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