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Larxene, the savage girl of Organizaion 13. She's never done anything to either get on my or to soothe, my nerves. But I do have to say this, her ways of torturing Omni are quite up to par, and those Yeti Minions of hers are good hairy dudes; Tonto

Larxene is the 12th member of Organization 13, wielding sharp knives and electricity. Manipulative by nature, she is a grouch


Appearing in 10 new keys first, she faught Jaypaw, magic masters of thunder against each other, but eventually she was overwealmed and was defeated. Now she lives in Omnimation, as one of Omnitrix's neibours, flirting with him and robbing him.

In the future, she had married Axel and has a daughter named Arlea. She also had obtained Yeti Minions from somewhere.