Out of all the main villians, this guy may just be the worse. He ate his own children, and he keeps using me to make himself more powerful. I mean, I try to improve milkshakes, he escapes, I destroy him, he comes back even more powerful, I do it with more efficency again, and he gets enough power to reshape the universe. You know, maybe I should stop killing this guy before things get any worse; Tonto

The Greek Titan of Time, he is the father of Chiron, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Zeus, Posiedon and Hades. He is the villain of the Olympian Manhattan world.
Kronos's face
In the future, he has returned and is attacking all the worlds, bringing back villians from all across the ages, and has enslaved the revived Alucard. Be glad he can't alter time, only slow it down around him. However he can bring back dead villians.

He was revived by Tonto, by mistake when he sent Nuts back in time to retreive the Barbtrix, as Omnitrix hadn't given it to him willingly as part of his ultimate smoothy maker project. He escaped, despite Tonto getting help from Paradox and Vector Prime, and started to use his now enhanced powers to form his armies and attack the worlds. He has also taken power from Sidious, granting him the force and sith abilities, as well as Dark Danny, granting him advanced ghost powers and Lucius Malfoy, granting him magic. He is a master stratagist, with every attack a diversion for another. Oh, what have you done Tonto....

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