Kiki, Pudding Fong
Normally, most magic girls aren't that helpful to the survival of the universe. They're whiny and generally stuck up. While Kiki wasn't that skilled at first, her drive and determination really shined, not only capturing Ben's heart, but becoming one of the main warriors in the fight to save the universe from Sidious, forming almost a trio of mainly herself, Ben and Omi. She maintains a maturity level that they lack, but still has the energy and spirt of a monkey; Thomas

A half girl, half golden lion Tamarin from the world of Mew City. An anomaly, a random portal across the worlds, sent her to City Zoo, where she joined up with the other heroes.Because of that, she along with Dani is the only non OC on Greenia to not claim Greenia as a true home world. Her powers come when she activates her half human, half animal genes, she gains an agile form with a power tambourine. Ben Tennyson quickly gained a crush on her, and the feelings were soon recupirated.

Ben Tennyson; Boyfriend/ Future husband

Ken; Future son

Hiedi; Sister

Powers; Agilile Mew form

Keyblade and Omnitrix (on occasion)

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