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A keyhole is a opening to the heart of a world. If a heartless enters it, the world is destroyed. A keyblade is able to lock the keyhole permenatly.



Oc Worlds Greenia


Show worlds

Destroyed ( Worlds shown so far)

Land of Aliens (Ben 10) Keyhole in crater where Omnitrix crashed

Xalion Temple ( Xalion showdown) Keyhole not shown

Liberty Land ( LIberty kids) Keyhole Liberty Bell

Talasmania ( Jackie Chan Adventures) Keyhole not shown

Draculania ( Hellsing) Keyhole secretly placed in Alcurd, Alcurd destroyed

Dueland ( YU GI OH GX) Keyhole not shown

Lyoko ( Code Lyoko) Keyhole not shown

World unnamed ( Meerkat Manor) Keyhole not shown

Worlds Shown

Destiny Islands, Agrabah and Atlantica ( keyholes already locked)

ALegesia (Eragon)(Not shown yet)

Avataria (Avatar) ( Not shown yet)

Star wars Galaxy ( Not shown yet)

Cybertron ( Transformers) (Not shown yet)

Pokemon Castle ( Not shown yet)

Iron Town ( Princess Mononoke) (Not shown Yet)

Warriors Forest (Warriors) (Not shown yet)

City Zoo ( Penguins of Madagascar) Private's first catch fish trophy

Comic Strip ( Garfield) Mt. Lasanga statue

Camp Kidney ( Camp Lazlo) Jelly Cabin

Isla Nublar ( Jurassic Park) ( Not shown yet)

Cheddar apartments ( Girl with the silver eyes) Pool

Tiptonia ( Suite life) picture behind Mr. Moseby's desk

Dutchy of Hope ( Anne Frank) behind bookcase

Nowhere ( Courage the COwardly dog) Upper part of Farmhouse

Marquee Row ( Class of 3000) Auditorium

Spagheti Junction ( Primeval) inside anomaly

Seaworld ( Litteraly) Shamu's tank

Peach Creek ( Ed Edd Eddy) Rolf's shed

Sector V ( Codename Kids next door) Moonbase tree

Land of Heroes (Justice League Unlimited) (not shown yet)

Vampiric woods ( Twilight) Large tree

Olypmian Manhattan ( Percy Jackson and the Olypmpians) Near elevator to olympus

Cyberspace (Cyberchase) World linked to Greenia's keyhole

James Polk (Neds Declassified) Not shown yet

Hogwarts (Harry Potter) Hogwart's school basement