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A keyblade is a mistic sword shaped roughly like a key. The keyblade


can only be wielded by certain people, most of them good but some of evil dispostion, This is the blade that is the best against the heartless. So far, known wielders are

Keybearers in stories (Note, when I get some pics of them, the oc keyblades will have descriptions)

Sora Keyblades Kingdom Key, Warriors Honor, ( he has the others but forgot them at home)

Kairi Destiny Place

Riku Way to the Dawn ( he hasn't actually appeared yet)

Xion (Kingdom Key)

Roxas ( Oathkeeper, Oblivion)

Namine ( Oathkeeper, Two Across)

Mickey ( Star Seeker, Kingdom K D)

Melody ( Water Wishs, Mezoic Bond)

Ash ( Poke Power)

Pikachu ( Chu blade)

Jaypaw/ Feather ( Cat spirits, Fire Star)

Aelita ( Tech Queen)

(Occasionally Jeremy) ( Tech Queen)

Aang ( elemental, Wind Lord, Fire Ruler)

Jaden ( Dueler)

Eragon ( Brisingr Reborn, Anti Hero Nothings)

Ashitaka ( Cursed blade revoker, Wandering Eboshi)

Sari ( Techa Blade, Te Xuan, weapon of Kur,Tambourine Tamarin, Pain of Solitude, Watch Works, Olympia)

Ashoka ( Starkey, Muddy Axeblade, Unity of Ed's, Thunder's Grace, Hero's crest, Abyssal Tide, Igniter of Fate)

Thomas ( Transfigurer)

Colton ( Muggle born)




Madeline ( Literate Exporer)

Seras/ Xeress ( Vampira, Quartet Aquatics,Tambourine Tamarin, Hero of night, Mid Summers Dream, Demi wave, Ultima Weapon KH2)

John ( Star Seeker, Crown of Guilt, Midnight Roar)

Haku ( Twilight Blaze)

Ranpu ( True Light's Flight)

Terra 2 (same as Terra)

Chase Young ( Dark Hero)

(Occasionally Rennesse Vampira)

( Occasionally Ben and Kiki) ( Unified hearts, Vampira)