This cat's definatly got more than nine lives. He has some of the universes greatest conflicts under his belt, and has fought enemies on the scales of Sidious, Voldemort, Kronos and Aphopis, and came out alive. Being the last of his kind, he's definatly been a great help to the new heroes of the future, even though he's not that much of a looker, litterally; Thomas

Jayfeather is a blind medicine cat, and one of the 10 keybearers from 10 new keys being trained by Leafpool in the ways of the medicine cats.
He comes from the Great Forest.His blindness has led his other senses to highten. He was chosen for the prophecy for his strong will, his skills at mind reading and the originally planned recipiant, Firestar having to take on a leadership role. In battle, he is a heavy magic user of fire and thunder magic, and with two keyblades can also use them to hover in the air. Being a Skyclan descendant he has strong jumping muscles as well. In the future, he is the last thunderclan or for that matter, any warrior and the gods Hades and Persephone granted him immortality for saving Persephone from a rampaging Minotaur that nearly took his life. Currently he is living with Arya, Eragon, Saphira and their son, Garrow. He gets along best with Eragon and Toph, and with their children.

However he is considering starting up a new clan, and often joins the youngins on their adventures, or according to him, he'll just grow fat as their are barely any mice in the rider's citedel, as Sapphira and the other dragons scare them all away. He is the guard for the two remaining dragon eggs, which are in his private attrium in the citedel, along with a transplanted Moonpool.

Grandfathers Firestar, Tigerstar

Grandmothers Sandstorm, Goldenflower

Mother Squirelflight

Father Brambleclaw

Aunt Leafpool

Brother Lionblaze

Sister Hollyleaf

Cousin Cloudtail

Great Aunt Princess

Battle Quotes

"Prepare to feel the sting of the last warrior's claws"






"You lost to a cat, a blind cat" Victory

"So what, you beat a blind cat" Defeat.

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