Tisk Tisk, this kid's a little unreliable. As said by some, he's a slifer slacker, and when we were finishing saving the universe from Sidious, he slipt away to a uncharted world and vanished. Some people call that desertian. I understand he doesn't like fighting, but really. But he's definalty matured during that time, somewhat, and now with Yubel's power inside him, he has to conquer the dark version of himself. That's epic; Thomas

Jaden is a duelist, a master of the Duel Monsters card game. He is also one of the 10 keybearers chosen to save the universe, due to the


strength of their youthal hearts. Jaden was also chosen due to his spunky spirit, ingenuity and the ablility to see darkness in light and light in darkness. However at the end of 10 new keys, Jaden left and joined the civilization in the Pharaoh kingdom, as did his friends when they came out of the darkness. He didn't want to live a life of violence, and settled down as Prince, later King, Yugi's best friend and consul

In the future, Kronos has taken the dark half of his heart away, causing his darkness, the supreme King, to come to life. He has been framing his good half for siding with Kronos. However, he still bears the power of the Darkness of Justice; a counterbalance to his counterpart's use of the light of destruction in his counterpart. He later fused his soul with that of Yubel in order to save Duela.

His keyblade is unique as it functions also as a duel disk, but however it can't cut an enemy down to size efficently, instead he summons his monster cards and spell and traps in battle, he also has magic skills, and the ability to fuse himself with a hero he has a card of to gain their powers briefly, but apparenty it is unpleasant for the hero fusing with him. His keyblade also can make duel cards based on heroes, such as Sora and Ashoka.

His deck revolves around the Elemental Hero monsters, as well as the Neo Spacians. In their first confrontion; he defeated his dark counterpart with Grand Neos.

Battle quotes

Let's duel

Game on

Activate, Trap!

Spell Card, Acitvate

I Summon.....

That's Game (Win)


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