Yuck, Hex is related to Charmcaster, but obviously didn't get any of her looks. And not to mention he's utterly evil and a deadly enemy to all. But admitably, I wouldn't mind that cape of his; Tonto

Hex is a villian from Ben 10, and a master magician. He is Charmcaster's uncle

Hex first appeared trying to steal the Shen Gon Wu shortly after Land of Alien was destroyed. He easily beat off Ben, but Omi managed to drive him off. He then found his way 20 years into the future via an anomaly, and teamed up with the recently revived Megatron. He the helped him in his initial attack, where he helped jam the autobot's communication. He was found by Sally and Tisa, where he easily defeated Sally, but a magic mistake caused Tisa to mentally age a few years, easily allowing her to defeat him. He then insulted both of their mother's, and the two of thems, heritage's before he was sent to the prison world.

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