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Harris yawning

Gators actually make great pets. They don't have hairballs like cats, they don't jump up on couches or pee in the house like dogs, and they really scare away burgulars. Of course, all his genetic modification's been a good thing to, did I also mention they live a long time; Tonto

Harris is Tonto's pet ,Xander's rival and partner in southern cheese rusling. He once was a gator egg that Tonto found while fleeing from angry red necks in a bayou, and decided to take it with him. Inspired by Zak Saturday's pet, Komodo, Tonto genetically modified him to be able to leviate like a hoverboard, increased intelligence and the ablitity to breath fire. Unlike his owners, he doesn't originate from Omnination, but from the Blues Country, home of the Blues brothers.

Omnitrix at one point gained an Omniharris form. Like his owner, he deeply hates the Hunters of Artemis