You know, for the god of the dead, he's actually sort of nice, once you get to know him, and your not being breathed on by a Fury. Personally, if I could change time, and Paradox would stop breathing down my neck whenever I think about it, I would have given Hades a better job, like maybe Zeus's job; Tonto

The father of Nico and Bianca Di Angelo, he is the god of the underworld. He, unlike his counterpart from olympus colliseum, isn't evil, but untrusting and emotionally distant with all except his wife Persephone and his children.

Hades was one of the gods that Tonto rated, and then one of the ones trying to kill him. However Tonto made up with Hades, telling him that he had to rate them fairly, and reminded him he was higher ranked then Zeus. Hades is so far the only low ranked god not trying to murduer him

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