Eatos is wise and sweet, and I'm always shocked of how often she's able to win duels for Dueal. Not to mention, she's all cool and indian themed, that's always a bonus!; Timo

Guardain Eatos is a Duel spirit, belonging to Duela
Guardian Eatos

Her Card and Appearance

. She is a kind and caring spirit, giving Duela advice, encouragment and a strong card when needed.

Guardian Eatos has been used in most of Duela's duels as a trump card. She was first used against Otnot, where she was special summoned thanks to Fiber Jar removing all the cards in the graveyard back to the deck. She then directly attacked him, winning the duel. in her Turbo duel against Regor, she was one of the monsters used in the OC spell Soul Synchro boost, to power up Light End Dragon to win the duel. Against Chazz, she was special summoned early, and combined with Scroll of bewitchment to activate her ability, allowing her to destroy Ojama King. She was destroyed by Armed Dragon level 5's effect. When Duela dueled Marik, she was summoned regularly by offering Fire Princess and Familar Possessed Hiita. She was equiped with United we Stand, allowing her to destroy Marik's Dragon of Ra. When Duela dueled Ganzly, Eatos was summoned, with Honorary hero and Hero Signal, as Elemental Hero Eatos, and combined with Mage Power, Scroll of Bewitchment and Honorary hero to destroy his Rainbow Snake, winning the duel. Duela summoned her when she dueled Timo with her effect, and attacked his life points directly, after Thunder Giant took out his Uru. She was destroyed after by his powered up Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier. She battled the alternate dark Jaden, summoned by her effect. She was briefly removed, before returning to face her dark counterpart, Guardian Dreadscythe. She also was shown to have a majestic form, Majestic Guardian Eatos, which she used to defeat Dreadscythe. Duela used her in the Trans Author Tournament, where she was used during all three of Duela's duels, winning the tournament as Majestic Guardian Eatos against Ali's Elemental Hero Galactic. She was summoned during the duel between Duela and the imposter Jack Atlas, where she hit him directly at half strength due to Twin Shield Defender and was then destroyed by one of his Red Dragon Archfiend's. When Duela faced her rematch with Otnot, she summoned Eatos with Whirlwind Prodigy and equiped her with United we Stand and Goddess Bow, defeating Otont. Jaden drew her during the end of his duel with the Yubel Possessed Duela, but did not have the space or strategic on his field or head to summon her

In the duel spirit world, Eatos lives in a isolated citadel house with many gardens, along with the charmers. She dueled Lord of Dragons once, defeating him with her guardian deck.

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