10 New keys hub world, Greenia is a world that functions almost like Traverse town, taking in people whose worlds were destroyed, and pieces of the worlds are in Greenia. The world is on a dimmensional plane, allowing for contact with the many dimmensions. Decides the Greenian Square area, most of it is untaimed woods, home to hundreds of creatures from every species to exist, as this world contains the remains of Walking With world, Mutual of Omaha world and Monster Quest world. Greenia is home to a computer world similar to space paranoids, based on the Cyberspace TV Show, and later the Megaman NT and Code Lyoko franchises.

Greenia has been raized at some points, one by a wild party, the other two by a coffee deprised Seras

Normally heartless and other foes can't enter Greenia, but there are occasional raids, and several of them exist in Dimmensions Battleground

Areas past

Greenia Square

Xalion Temple

Girls Dorm

Boys Dome

Command Center

Computer house

Future areas

Printing Press

Doofemsirtz formely evil Incorporated

Saturday house

Tennyson house

Hopper House

Chan House

Max's RV park

Printing Press

Greenian Library

Gwen's Pad

Test House

Portal hub

Greenia Command

Thomas's house

Computer House

The town

Also in both areas

The infinite Wilderness

Dimmensions battleground Enemies

Dust Flyer


Assault rider

Assault Rider

Rapid Thruster

Rapid Thruster

Luna Bandit

Luna Bandit



Surveillance Robot

Surveillance Robot

Armored Knight

Armored Knight


Wave Crest

Large body

Large Body

Barrier Master

Barrier Master

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