GreenSpirit is a tabby tom with pupils shaped like a T in the center. His mother is AspenHeart and his father Loudfoot. He is another dimmension's Thomas. His keyblade has a blade like a leafy tree's branches, his guard is shaped for his mouth and resembles a still creek. The keychain is a cats paw. It is called Brave Glade. He is patient and calm, but is easily provoked into attacking.

Greenspirit started out as Greenpaw, mentored by the dark hearted Thistlesoul. Thislesoul had at one point fell into the darkness, changing into a Destroyed Behemoth and started to terrorize Warrior's Forest. Greenpaw then felt a strange power and gained Brave Glade, which he used to confront Thistlesoul. In a fierce battle, Greenpaw barely came out on top, releasing his heart. Their leader, OakStar, Aspenheart's brother, granted him a warrior's rank, but he dissapeared soon after

In Battle he attacks with low power speed attacks


High Jump

Dodge Roll




Running Tackle

Star Static Shoot Lock

Claw Rave Mode Change

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