These things are nasty and deadly. They are intelligent, and those claws leave really painful marks. If they have any uses, its to keep other nasty and deadly things put in one place; Thomas

A vicious monster species hailing from the future, The future predator is a future evolution of bat
Future Predator
, with high degrees of agility, advanced sonar and disturbingly high intelligence. They have resistance to gun fire. They are also pack hunters, giving them the advantage of numbers, a group of them are able to even take down a T. Rex. A single one can easily pick off lone armed humans, and full grown healthy lions. Their rivals are the predatorius future insect predators Megaplurians.

Discovered in Spagetti Junction, the villians began to use them to try to kill Thomas and the others, with a lot deployed in the 5th adventure. In the 10th adventure, they were locked away in the prison dimmension to "entertain" the prisoners, and to keep Kronos and his band from getting to the hidden villain city. The best way to take them out is to stop their sonar with falling glass, loud music, remove a controlling neural clamp if they have one, or lone ones facing a larger and armed creature, like a Gorgonopsid or a Mammoth.

Tonto has one as a alternate form


Powers; Agility, super sonic sound, claws, gun resistance

Weaknesses; Blind, low strength, loud noises

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