This just tells ya how bad something gets if it's left unchecked. Fuse didn't keep a good eye on Fusion Tonto, and the next thing you know, he 'now has the power of every Tonto across the multiverse.' And, to make matters worse, he wants to destroy the Tonto of this universe, 'thus destroying every single Tonto across the mutiverse besides himself. Too bad he doesn't know how to properly use those powers, or else he'd be a challenge; Ultimatum

A version of Tonto hailing from the X over world, this Tonto got his own personality from the influx of the regular Tonto's heart when he fought Artemis. His personality is cruel, evil and backstabbing, the opposite of Tonto. He also possesses a Omnitrix

With the power to summon Kingdom hearts granted to him by his influx of regular Tonto, he used it to empower himself with the powers of Tonto's across the dimmensions. Still learning to control them, he fought X over's Ashoka Tano and Michael Destin with many powers, including Animorphing, Laser arms, Kur power, Force power and Zeus's lightning, but a angry Michael's heart power managed to defeat him. He warped to Omnimation, where he has one goal.

Destroy Tonto, his Alex Storm. But he isn't affected by the dimmension feedback of killing a counterpart, but killing him would have a very bad feedback issue. He loves Fusion Wendy, who wants to kill him

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