To Yugi the Dark Magician, and to Yusei Stardust Dragon, but to Jaden it's Elemental Hero Neos. This card is highly adaptive, especially with Jaden commanding him. He's also quite cool looking, do you think Jaden'll lend it to me; Timo

Elemental Hero Neos is one of Jaden's cards, and his signiture one.
Elemental Hero Neos
He can merge with certain monsters via contact fusion. He is a duel spirit

Jaden used Neos frequently in 10 new keys while fighting the dark alliance. He still has Neos, and uses his frequently by the time of Kronos's freedom. He was used heavily in Jaden's duel with his dark side, combining into Neos Knight and Grand Neos, as well as giving encouragement to a distraught Jaden. Jaden special summoned him with fake hero when he dueled his daughter, who had been possessed by Yubel. He contacted fused wtih Flare Scarab and Grand Mole to create Magma Neos, who destroyed Rainbow Dark Dragon with some help from Eria.

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