I dislike this guy a lot. He's greedy, short, and his tongue is just disturbing. Enough said; Tonto

Ed's greedy friend, Eddy's goal in life is to make munny and be cool, and he fails at it always
. He and his cohorts, Ed and Eddy hail fromPeach Creek.

His greedy heart is a big magnet for heartless, and knowing this Dr. Doofesmirtz changed him into the evil Proffessor Scam to battle Thomas and Ed, as LOTHAR. With his powers of the ray of riches, he failed to stop them before being knocked back to normal. Tonto and Skipper are known to despise him, and they don't invite him into their parites.

Artemis turned him into a Jackelope when he tried to scam her, and he remains one to this day.

Professor Scam

Professor Scam

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