Drew Saturday
Drew, is the kind of mother a kid would dream, and have nightmares, over. For one thing, she's super tough and kicks butt, but on the other hand, she's so overprotective its hard to do anything. I don't know weather to envey or pity Zak for her; Tonto

Drew is the mother of Zak Saturday, and a master of the fire sword. She is a little overprotective of him, much to his shenadigan.

Drew was the only original survivor of the loss of Cryptonia. Going through a depression, she later pushed herself to stop Sidious to avenge Zak, who was later brought back, where she gave him a big squeeze hug. Later getting Phineas and Ferb to "accidently" make their battle robot powered by Kur energy. 20 years in the future, she is a future grandma with grandma hair, and a widow

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