Alien Name: Draculust

Species: Aloren

Homeworld: Vompiro

History: Draculust was one of Omni's original ten aliens. He is also one of Omni's favorite aliens. Omni first turned into this alien when he battled Sixsix and Sevenseven for the first time, with Tonto and Spark's help (Spark is property of Spark the Shadow Tiger.) But, though Omni is a big fan of this alien, Seras actually thinks this alien is an insult to every single vampire in the universe. Why? Since Omni named this alien Draculust, and that isn't how real vampires look, she thinks he's just an excuse to be stereotypical. She also says that Draculust is weaker then your average vampire, even though that Draculust is just as strong as she is.

Appearance: Has white hair that is so long it goes down to his ankles, has pure red eyes, pure white skin, sharp teeth like a vampires, claws sharper then knives, wears a black trench coat with a gray shirt underneath, has black pants and wears black boots.

Powers: Is super strong, can fly, can cut through almost anything, has great agility, can create an unlimited amount of shadow copies of himself who do what he says, and as a finishing blow, can almost literally slow down time and hits his enemies with a pure red hyper beam, that fortunately doesn't kill his enemies, it just knocks them unconcious.

Weaknesses: Sunlight and Garlic (what did you expect, he's a vampire alien)

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