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Doofemsmirtz, this is a strange man. He's done a lot of dark deeds in the course of time, and casued a lot of sorrow, but he changed himself around completely and saved the universe. Is this guy a case of forgive and forget, or is he not? Anyway, I don't think I totally can trust him, but he's still an ally against Zeus and Kronos; Thomas

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Dr. Doofemsmirtz is a scientist hailing from Danville. He is an evil scientist and one of the most persistant, if annoying villians. He is slighty insane and all of his inventions end in Inator. His nemisis is Perry the Platypus, ironicly owned by his son, Phineas. He has a deep hatred for Vampires like Seras Victoria due to bad childhood experiances. He also despises Zeus immensly for a incident during a exploration in Greece, but as a side effect he's fine with the other major greek gods. However he is against the worlds destruction, only destroying Draculania because of its importance to vampires.

Over the course of the Thomas adventures, Doofesmirtz seeks to obtain the nessasary batteries to power his "Ultimateinator". First he drained some of the light out of two princesses of heart, Bubbles and Dee Dee to fill the battery of light. He then repaired the evil bug and drained some Kur energy out of Zak. Finally he travelled to Orchid bay and stole power from the Te Xuan Ze, Juniper lee to finish the Te Xuan Ze battery. While the energy that he stole eventually replenished itself inside of them, he now had the ability to use the kur battery to control the heartless, the Te Xuan Ze Battery to power up the heartless and the Princess of heart battery to shield him from the heartless, to overthrow sidious.

He turns to the good side after realizing that his plans were being taken over by Sidious, who killed him after a close fight, but not before he tells Phineas who he truely is. However he had a reviveinator underwear on and revived sometime during 10 new keys, where he and Waspinator joined forces to take out Sidious, and earning everyones respect and forgave, but not forget his past crimes

The Dr. Died in the Far Future era, but in doing so, he took out the facility that Zeus was using to produce new quanites of the Kronitis Disease, as well as destroying the god Dionysus!B

Battle Quotes

"The Tri State Area is mine!"



"Behold the Inator!"

"This ends NOW!" Victory

"Curse you Perry the Platypus!" Defeat