Dharc, well what gender is Dharc anyway. Where I came from, she's male, but here she's female. And decides that, she's sort of creepy too, but then again, look at her life; Timo

Dharc is a duel monster spirt belonging to Duela.
Dharc the Dark Charmer

Her card and Appearance

She is distant, anti social and calm, but known to use violence to achieve what she needs. Some people mistake her for a guy

Dharc was summoned during Duela's duel with Chazz. She was then tuned by Comrade Swordsman of Landstar, to allow Duela to summon Tempest Magician. She was placed face down during her duel with Marik, before he used Nobleman of Crossout to remove her from play. When Duela dueled TImo, she was special summoned by the side effect of his normal swarm card, and used to Synchro summon Tempest magician again. During the tran's author tournament, she was summoned by the effect of Cyber Jar, and was destroyed by Elemental Hero Galactic. She was summoned during her duel with the fake Jack, taking control of his first Red Dragon Archfiend, allowing Duela to win. During Duela's 2nd duel with Otnot, she was special summoned due to Cyber Jar, and lost her cool briefly when she got to see her brother again. Jaden summoned her when he dueled the Yubel Possessed Duela, and directly attacked her after Dragon Knight Draco Equiste destroyed Dark Grepher, before being destroyed by Armegeddon Knight. She was returned to his and replayed thanks to Fusion hope, and was resummoned and used with Magicians United to help Lynna destroy Darknight Parsath. She was returned to the deck by Neo-Charmer Wave.

In the duel monster spirit world, she punched Duela, causing her to fall out cold. When Hiita and Wynn questioned her about it, Dharc claimed she wanted it quiet. When they were captured, Dharc was able to revive Duela, allowing them to escape. She lives with Guardian Eatos, and bunks with Lynna, the light charmer. She was a orphan living in the Dark World with her brother, Night's End Sorcerer, but they were seperated by Dark Grepher, her brother's whereabouts are unknown. She managed to track him down, being held captive in Kronos's headquarters. She nearly destroyed herself appearing there ,and would have died if Duela had not found her.

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