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For a Nobody, he's Cool and calm, with a fun personality. We get along pretty well, but he's a big coward. I'd much rather trust my back to a Huntress than him, because at least I know the huntresses are honarable, even if they use to hate me; Tonto

Demyx is the Melodius Nocturne and number 9 in the organization. He is lazy and would rather spend his days writing music then fighting. He has power over water

In 10 new keys the ever cowardly Demyx used a lesser nobody to force Pikachu without Ash to fight him alone, and did surprisingly well. However when Pikachu was shown to also possess a keyblade, Demyx was taken down with a keyblade powered Volt Tackle. But now he is one of Omnitrix's new neihbours, and is busy writing music and stealing his cereal