She was a fine young apprentice, a hero who overcame many issues inside herself to obtain greatness. She's living proof that clones are people too, and fine ones at that; Thomas

Dani Phantom is a clone of Danny Phantom, created by Vlad as a failed attempt to clone his own Danny
Dani Fenton or Dani Phantom
. He only saw her as a pawn, despite the fact she loved him, so he had her capture Danny, who didn't want to hurt her. But soon she discovered his true view of her, and teamed up with her "cousin" to defeat him. Later Danny helped her keep her form from melting down into goo.

Dani was met by Thomas after helping to stop the Syndicates plot, Danny asked him to take her for training. However this training was cut short by the begining of the prophecy, so he sent her off to the Great Valley to team up with Melody and Kairi to face the constructicons. Later she unlocked the ghostly wail and ice powers to fight the one winged Azula. Like Sari, she's been shown to have a crush on Ben. Later in the future she briefly dated Timmy, witch ended badly and then married a fellow clone, Francis who she had a daughter Eppsa with.

Cousin" Danny

Husband Francis

Daughter Eppsa

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