I love this guy. He's adorable, and a great chef, in training. While he does eat you out of house and home, with time and heavy survelience, he's a good cat bear rabbit to have around; Tonto

Chowder is a small, thing from Marzipan city. He is an old friend of Tonto, appearing during the christmas special selling snacks and as a part of the tigerstar possessed Flapjack's forces in Nano design center.
In the future he will be one of Tonto's employees ( Also known as Tonto's future minions), the only one that isn't a kuriboh or a fairy jedi squirel, aside from Tontor.

In the past, he appeared in the world of Marzipan city, accidently eating Gazpacho, who had been turned into a hamburger, before later puking him up.

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