She reminds me of a mixture of a Gypsy and a Witch, and with both of their negative qualities. I mean, she's evil, and destructive, and while admittably hot, she has nothing on Wendy, except in the fields of evil and disturbing looking bags; Tonto

Charmcaster is Hex's neice, and a enemy of both Ben and Gwen.

Charmcaster appeared in Tiptonia after the Land of Aliens was destroyed. There, she used dark powers to empower Yuebon Ron, a apprentice of Kiki's father, so he would destroy Ben Tennyson, take Kiki for himself and weaken Gwen Tennyson, thus taking out her two biggest pains in one blow. However, Liberty arrived from across time to assist Ben, using a spell called the magic of Liberty, weakening them both. Yuebon was defeated and Liberty trapped Charmcaster in the future prison world

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